Yangzhou Vaban Instrument Co., Ltd.

China Jiangsu Yangzhou VABAN Instrument Co., Ltd setup in 2004 is a distinguished enterprise specializing in producing all kinds of industrial pressure gauge, thermometer, chemical pressure gauge and safe valve and HAVCR fittings. At present it covers an area of 5000m2 with a staff of 100 persons. Our company is located at the Jiangdu Economic Development District lying in the eastern suburbs of Yangzhou Jiangsu Province China.

Main products in our company Pressure gauges series and HVACR fittings seriesare. Pressure gauges seriesare: Standard pressure gauge, oil filled pressure gauge, chemical pressure gauge, piezometer, all stainless steel pressure gauge, tyre pressure gauge, freon gauge, precise pressure gauge, gauge cock valve, gas pipe parts air-conditioner parts, refrigeration Spare Parts, refrigerant valve, ball pressure gauge, vacuum pressure gauge, vacuum manometer, vessel pressure gauge, gas pressure valve, oxygen pressure regulator, acetylene pressure regulator, fire pressure gauge, contact pressure gauge, pressure transducer, thermometer and safe valve and pressure gauge valvegas valvehardware valveHVACR valve or fittings hermometer Digital display temperature controller.

We also produce all kinds of gas needle, inflator and other sports goods and some of them are exported. We own advanced technological equipment and perfect test equipment and ways. We also own the measuring room and performance test room which are both equipped with advanced equipment. The high quality products are produced through the quality guarantee system in our company. Now our company owns a capacity of 10000PCS a day and eighty five percents of my products are exported to Southeast Asia, Europe and America